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Austin cannon 1 web

Austin, TX, 2012

America is a land of guns.

Ordnance refers to all military hardware -from missiles to bullets. “Ordinance” refers to a law, decree or civil direction.

The two words are often confused in their spelling and usage. This photography project focuses on artillery and aircraft ordnance,

while trying to obey all local ordinances in communities visited across the country.

Dormant war machines ornament the countryside.

Some stand on battlefields where patriots fought to establish the nation, and battlefields where soldiers died to preserve or secede from it.

Capitol and courthouse lawns, veteran’s halls and cemeteries sometimes display ordnance to honor veterans.

Sometimes guns serve as decorations in amusement parks, miniature golf courses, military surplus stores and on neighborhood lawns.

The goal is to find and photograph at least one piece of ordnance in all of the lower 48 states. 

Eventually this blog and other creative outlets will display a group portrait of individual pieces of local ordnance that will unite in a representative portrait of America.

While digital techniques are at times used for light painting compositions, there is no misrepresentation regarding position of the ordnance or any juxtaposition of subjects.

Any captured moment is a product of timing and composition – not digital manipulation.

Mike DeFilippo

February 1 .2013

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