Long Tom and Carronade – Lafayette Park, Saint Louis, MO 2007 & 2008

Long Tom - Lafayette Park, Saint Louis, MO 2007

This cannon has survived battle, fire, and over a century at the bottom of the sea.  How is a little snow going to hurt it?

Three guns – two Long Toms and a carronade – from the HMS Actaeon, an eighteenth-century British frigate – stand in Lafayette Park.

Recovered from the wreck of a 28-gun warship that sank  in 1776,  the cannons have weathered much.

The Actaeon was part of a British naval assault on Fort Moultrie on June 28,1776.

A sandbar grounded the ship during the battle. The British abandoned ship, setting it afire in retreat.

Colonial troops boarded the burning ship, turned its guns on the fleeing British,  and fired the Actaeon’s last broadside.

The Actaeon sank. She sat at the bottom of  Charleston harbor until her  wreck was discovered 111 years later.

Some of her guns were salvaged in 1887,  then purchased at auction by Missouri’s Commandery of the Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States (MOLLUS).

They were given to the Commissioner of Lafayette Park in 1897, where they have stood in all types of weather.

carronade blog

This Carronade also came from the Actaeon. Now it does a poor job of guarding Lafayette Park against Plein-Air Painters.

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