Atomic Annie – Part II – Albuquerque, NM

Atomic Cannon, Nuke muse

The yellow caution tape hangs like the tattered sash of a distant runner-up in a backyard beauty pageant.

Atomic Annie display-web

This  gun awaits a makeover at the Heritage Park

section of the Museum of Nuclear Science and History in Albuquerque, NM.

The other weapons on display in the museum’s fenced yard are a mean bunch.

They loom like bigger, prettier and more talented playground bullies just waiting to pick a fight.

thermonuclear weapon blog

Thermonuclear devices brag about their destructive power.

nuke museum missiles blog

Mothballed missile systems –  jilted by Uncle Sam for younger, hotter models, stick up their noses in disdain at

the dumpy, flightless,  rusting sixty-year old cannon.

The M65 cannon was the largest piece of mobile artillery created by the US military,

yet the power and fury of the other weapons in the museum yard humbles  Atomic Annie.

atomic cannon guests

Still, this retired gun exhibits a quiet pride. She points her barrel  toward the museum’s gift shop.

atomic cannon model

There, visitors can see her “model” grand kids – maybe even take one home, for a few spare bucks.

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