Ordnance is military hardware.

The diverse American landscape has one thing in common – guns.

florissant tank blog

Florissant, MO

This project concentrates on artillery, aircraft ordnance, and other large, publicly displayed weapons.

bunker hill blog

Bunker Hill Monument, Boston, MA

bellevue cannon mail

Richmond Heights, MO, 1997

In 1997 I noticed a cannon in a neighborhood pocket park in Richmond Heights, MO.

It seemed an improbable spot for a field artillery piece. An idea formed – this scene

existed in other towns, other states. The project started on black and white film.

gainesville fla blog

Gainesville, FL

The original vision sought to align gun barrels with human forms when possible.

peru blog

Peru, IL

Improvements in digital SLR cameras allowed for experiments in light painting and digital composting.

manassas mail

Manassas, VA

An interesting sub-plot emerged with visits to Atomic cannons at locations in Junction City, KS, Albuquerque, NM and

Yuma, AZ during the year of the sixtieth anniversary of the single firing of “Atomic Annie” in 1953.

atomic annie light paint blog post

Yuma, AZ

The project concluded its forty-eight state with a visit to New England in 2013.

Providence State Capitol

Providence, RI  2013

This blog contains at least one representative piece from each of the contiguous forty-eight states.

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